The Dalby Family History Society Inc. promotes family and local history of Dalby and its surrounding districts in Queensland, Australia.   Dalby is situated approx. 200klms west of Brisbane.

The Society formed in 1981, holds a book collection of local history records of school, church, district and families and the Dalby Herald newspapers on microfilm from 1866.  

The district covers the places of Bell, Blaxland,  Bowenville,  Brigalow,  Broadwater, Bunya Mountains,  Burncluith, Campbell’s Camp,  Cecil Plains, Chinchilla,  Cooranga North, Ducklo, Daandine,  Edgefield, Irvingdale,  Jandowae, Jimbour, Jingi Jingi,  Kaimkillenbun,  Kogan, Kupunn,  Macalister, Maclagan, Maida Hill,  Malakoff, Moola, Nandi, St Ruth, Tara, Tipton, Warra and Yamsion.

The area was first called ‘Myall Creek’, then ‘The Crossing”, the place where teamsters crossed the creek heading north and west.  Dalby was the railway terminus from Ipswich in 1868 and remained so for a few years .

Dalby was a pastoralist town at first, then dairying, followed by agriculture and now the mining industry has arrived with agriculture still prominent in the area.

1st September 2017
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